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Sailor Girl follows the journey of Kate McLeod, a rebellious photography student earning money for school, on the cargo boats of Canada's Great Lakes in the summer of 1981.


It is also a love story, in which a middle-class girl finds a deep connection with the unruly young men and toughminded women of the lakes. Life on the water is both brutally physical and socially restrictive, and Kate kicks against the rules, both written and unwritten.
A female riff on such classics as Two Years Before the Mast and Malcolm Lowry's Ultramarine, Sailor Girl is also a uniquely Canadian story, one that distills a vanishing part of our heritage.
Sheree-Lee Olson's essay "I am my father," in Between Interruptions: Thirty Women Tell The Truth About Motherhood, edited by Cori Howard.
Most mothers don’t have time for long conversations. They want them, and crave them, but they are constantly interrupted by kids, partners, work and the day-to-day details of our lives. This remarkable collection of original essays explores what is unspoken or lost in those interrupted conversations. Provocative, funny and honest, the stories focus on the transformation involved in becoming a mother and the impact it has on our identity, ambition and relationships. It is, without a doubt, a conversation worth having.

© 2014 by Sheree-Lee Olson

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